Meepo - Mischief for mischief!

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Abusing Your Powerspikes

In this Dota 2 guide, you will learn how to abuse Meepo's power spikes to secure an easy victory.



Made for 7.26bInformation checked and up to date


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euphoria889 3 years ago

I'm a meepo spammer, 2,5 games with him.. and I learned new stuff.. this is amazing


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hansolo44 2 years ago

I follow one of the old school players way and i believe this is how those chinese reddit meepo clips do as well. 1-5 for meepo. (2-5 for CTR groups/1 select hero) and ALT 1-5 (alt 1 = all meeepos cept 1 and the same for ALT2-5) that way they're able to quickly control the meepo #1 while its been tped back and micro the other 2.



FuwaFuwa 11 months ago

outdated with a "up to date icon" what is exactly up to date here according to video icons. Misleading and a waste of time.