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Arteezy's Juggernaut Analysis: Mid Game Fights


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This is the second part of the Arteezy's Juggernaut analysis video.
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12d ago

You said he goes Mkb over mjolliner to do more dmg while he is omnislashing vs the lifestealer because mjolliner proc doesn't do damage while he is raged, and mkb allows you to go through the radiance miss chance. But mkb proc also does not work while he is raged, and the true strike is not that useful while omnislashing because you are immune to the radi miss chance anyway. And the atk speed and damage from mjolliner may be just as good as mkb damage (ignoring both item procs), and the proc from mjolliner will help him farm faster.


12d ago

@wxLightning Lifestealer usually takes the 20% Evasion talent at level 20 that's probably what he meant by his evasion, not the radiance miss chance. Plus jugg wants to be able to do damage outside of omnislash and mkb is better than mjollnir for piercing evasion with right clicks


10d ago

@Lightning420 False, you are not immune when to the radi miss when you are omnislashing hence the MKB is needed.


6hrs ago

@hicham2 Yes you are. You are invulnerable while omnislashing. Being invulnerable makes you immune to all status effects including radiance.

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