The 7 Rules of Winning

Though some footage in this guide is from an earlier DotA 2 patch, all concepts covered remain fully applicable to the DotA of today!


The guide was created with patch 7.20b

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This guide is up to date with the latest patch

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pro player
Jenkins MMR 7000 +
In this video Jenkins will reveal the core rules of winning your dota 2 games.
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Top Rated


9d ago

probably the best out of the mindset videos


9d ago

great content. one of the best vids on psychology and following rules. thanks Jenkins


8d ago

15:05, this it s the techies queue rofl


3mon ago

I think the video is broken. Because the marker next to the screen shows 34:20 minutes and the video only plays 1:30 ...

Tom GL

GameLeap Team
3mon ago

Hey there @willyson! Try logging out then logging back in to your pro account and you should have full access to all content!


2mon ago

About the muting part, you can actually win some games by making friends with an enemy player whos is flaming their team. You can say stuff like, i feel you man or yeah he plays bad, i've been there, why is your cm feeding? another bit of psychological warfare ;)


2mon ago

Thanks , very best video. You are very understanding what you want to say . Arteezy getting famous in gameleap hahaha


7d ago

Wow. Thanks for this content. My first thought was.... "not again. I ve seen this video like a thousand times before" And actually i did. But its updated and even if its still mainly the same like older versions. I finally enjoyed it again. And most important noted the rules on paper to memorize and act like them (or atleast lose trying) BTW I thought Jenkins is not a member of Team Gameleap anymore.... did i miss or mess up something?

Tom GL

GameLeap Team
6d ago

Hey @mPe! Happy you re-enjoyed the content! We're in the process of updating many of our best older General guides (before moving onto Hero courses) after the big changes of patch 7.20. This guide could use some footage tune-ups, but are definitely pleased to keep it active for it's sheer value!


7d ago

Good thoughts... nice

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