Dota Psychology

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21. Why Every Mistake You Make Matters


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Mental Blocks that Freeze Your MMR

In this Dota 2 guide, Speeed will teach you what to focus on to increase your MMR.



Made for 7.27cInformation checked and up to date


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MTN 2 years ago

He he punched my laptop on the screen and smashed the keyboard after losing 3 games in a row only later to regret i won those 3 games back in the later game but the damaged done on laptop stays the same(still playable for dota lol)



Duzwa 2 years ago

i lost 500mmr in a week? was very depressing but now im back on my feet still trying to catch up on this loss got back up one time then lost around 200 again. this means im stuck in this rank right?


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cheny583 2 years ago

i felt really bad when my winrate in ranked games drop down to 70% cause i normally kept winrate around 80+, so i started yesterday to focus on 5 heros only after watching this video. Hopefully get back to 80 soon.



deathshroud 2 months ago

Bruv I lost 700 mmr in 3 weeks, keep getting people that pick lone druid hard support ..... and going jungle minute 1 or the od/tinker smurf