Dota Psychology

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12. How Speeed Never Tilts in Pubs


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How to Properly Deal With a Tilted Teammate

In this Dota 2 guide, Speeed will teach you how to deal with tilted teammates by staying mentally focused.



Made for 7.30eInformation checked and up to date


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LuckyBamboo 1 year ago

Take fights at towers cause noobs don't know how to coordinate, lol



sharedknowledge 9 months ago

Hit your timings, don't panic, EVEN if the team is screaming at you from the depths of hell, hit your timings and then choose the right fights because the right fights are what makes all the difference since dota has a snowball effect. Once you have done right timings you will be powerful enough to turn around the fights. And normally in pubs you can hit timings much more easily.