Crystal Maiden - Skill Builds


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Save Immortal
In this Dota 2 guide, Save will teach you how to skill build Crystal Maiden.
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8mon ago

Does this still holds? Seems to me that frost bite is now the way to go. Cost almost the same mana as crystal nova, has lower CD and deals more dmg and also stops opponent in place so you can set up a kill.


7mon ago

@rvukasin Yep, this course is up to date and will soon be finished :) The general build most players go for is focusing on your Nova and Aura with a value point in Frostbite. The way the game is played right now revolves heavily around dual-lanes, so if you consider you can hit both heroes with it, Crystal Nova almost deals twice as much damage as Frostbite at level 1 each.

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