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Lane Equilibrium & Creep Aggro

Lane Equilibrium


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In this guide of BSJ's Coaching Simulation, you will learn what lane or creep equilibrium means, why it's so important and how you can use that to gain an advantage in every lane.
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7 months ago

Its it okay to miss a last hit for the sake of lane equilibrium ? i.e. aggressive denying so that the wave pushes into you. If so how many last hits is it okay to give up for a goo lane equilibrium


7 months ago

@DollarAkshay The shortest answer will be - it's hardly ever ok to miss the last hit in order to keep the lane equilibrium. It's a strange question, since the video addresses this topic. There are multiple ways to recover the lane equilibrium - hitting/denying your own creeps once or multiple times, creep aggro, intentionally pushing the equilibrium to the enemy tower (which gives you time to jungle and the lane will naturally return to base or near base position) - do this when you have a couple of lvls in order to jungle without losing a lot of resources (hp/mana/cds), pulling.


4 days ago


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