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BSJ Top-100
This guide introduces BSJ's Coaching Simulation course, in which you will have the chance to experience what it's like to be coached by BSJ himself!
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Top Rated


5mon ago

The most important thing i have learned from watching bsj is that you should always be improving and never feel discouraged when you get bad games. Edit:my discord is Gobb#6577 . forgot to add that


5mon ago

My most valuable from BSJ is learning the importance of laning phase. ExileTHFC #8455


5mon ago

I've learned various things from BSJ, but most importantly how to effectively keep improving myself to get better, with replay analysis, taking resbonsibility and general methods and mindsets to improve. Zharp#4188


5mon ago

I have learnt many things from you Bsj, however the single most important thing I believe is to watch pros play the heros you want to learn. As you say you can learn what took them possible 100s of games to learn in alot less. Whether I can pull it off is another question. PICK ME. My discord is Trey #0209

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