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Mid and Late Game


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Speeed Top-100
In this Dota 2 guide, Speeed will teach you how to approach the mid and later stages of the game as Brewmaster.
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Top Rated


9 months ago

Could you go in depth to what each panda spirit should be doing in a fight? (should my cinder be at the back while earth stuns the cores etc)


5 months ago

@EffNC what I do after ult, use q on target what I want to kill, then click attack, then tab, use w(cyclone) on hero with highest dps, initiator, saver or just target 2 who I want to kill after. then use e from my blue panda and then just tab, tab back to green, q, tab e and repeat. don't forget to use f3(select all units if you lose your pandas, or could make control groups for each one)


5 months ago

@sijokaras Thank you! :)


5 months ago

I found hard to lane against slark, bs or legion.

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